From a wide range of sound design, jingles, singles, EP, album, even film scores; your demand is virtue as I will try my best to create; to commence various sounds and bring your ideals of music to life. Its a simple, exciting and a creative process to produce something from nothing.You can just email me the mp3 or WAV file for the musical material that you’d like for me to write for. Within 7 to 14 days (depending on my tight client schedule and the arrangement) I will immediately propose a draft of the song albeit with what you have requested & discussed before preparing the methodology of pre production. We will proceed with the recording sessions to the assessed mastering sessions, after revising what have been discussed in the earlier stages(pre-production). In addition to that, jingles, sound designs and film scores has the same process as written above. Additional materials such as MOV and AVI is needed for the composition process and the mp4 for the musical direction. There is a need, and a need of AG COCO to your musical production! Contact and engage me by email to get a quote for your needs!